Notes from the Executive Director

I am thrilled to be back with Women In Action as the Executive Director.  It is an honor to be working to provide programs and services for the children and families of our Big Sky community.  I feel very fortunate to have a tireless board as well as amazing volunteers that dedicate so much of their time and energy to WIA.  Thank you to all of our generous donors for making our programs possible.  Your commitment to our community is inspiring. 

-Rachel Thesing

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

About WIA

How Women In Action Began

Women In Action was founded in 2005 to address the concerns of children and families missing out on opportunities for quality education and health and human services. Comprised of nine women who lived and worked in Big Sky, the founding board of directors established WIA as a grass roots nonprofit organization to help address those concerns.

Thank you for your interest in Women in Action, and for believing – as we do – that the work of a few can bring great value to many.

Community Successes

WIA has a variety of valuable partners that help us succeed in our mission of serving the community by enriching the lives of children and families in Big Sky.  We completed another winter of ski camp scholarships for 37 children.  We are rounding the bend into our summer camp application season, which last year awarded 50 children the opportunity to attend several summer camps of their choice in Big Sky.  Becoming a ‘Camp Angel’ is a simple and rewarding way to partner with WIA and to become part of the story behind our success in serving Big Sky’s children.  Interested?  Visit our new website for details on how to participate, or email us at info@wiabigsky.org

Additionally, WIA has been able to reach other facets of our community needs through Alcohol and Drug Counseling services, Mental Health Counseling services, and programs that are based in our schools, focusing on a parent liaison program, and our partnership with THRIVE.  Last year, WIA touched dozens of local families and people in need through our counseling services, providing 298 hours of necessary care to local clients.  Learn more about our programs on our website.

Programs: Camps and Enrichment Scholarships

Through our scholarship program, WIA offers children the opportunity to attend summer and/or winter ski camps.  The program recently awarded 37 scholarships to children wanting to participate in local programs, at a total cost of $10,698. These opportunities could not be offered to our community's children without the continued support from the Big Sky community. 

Soon WIA will add new grant funding for enrichment opportunities.  This new expansion of our scholarship program will consider opportunities for enrichment programs which may include language classes, music lessons, recreational workshops, or artistic experiences; those focused on arts and education.  Currently being fine-tuned by the board of directors, WIA is looking to launch the program in spring.   


Women in Action is proud to be in partnership with THRIVE, a community-based organization focusing on preventative, strength based, empowerment models of working with parents and children.  This partnership captures the essence of WIA’s goal to provide support for children and families in Big Sky. Lori Swenson was hired to come on board at Ophir School/Lone Peak High School as ...

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Interested in Women in Action but are still slightly unclear on who we are and what we do?  We have just the event for you.  WIA's Ladies Ski & Apres event is an opportunity to meet, ski, and mingle with some of the community's most involved supporters, and all of the board of directors who make WIA what it is.  The event will take place at Lone Mountain Ranch on Wednesday, March 12th starting at 1:00pm.  The afternoon starts with the opportunity to enjoy a Nordic ski, followed by an opportunity for informal dialogue and visiting with others involved in WIA.  Enjoy light appetizers, drinks, music and visiting through the afternoon.  Skiing 1-3pm, socializing and event, 3-5pm.   

Board News

The board is proud to welcome (back) Rachel Thesing, one of the founding members of Women in Action, as our new Executive Director.  Rachel brings her passion for Women in Action back in a leadership role, directing us on our programs, fund development, and partnerships.  As an active board member with THRIVE in Bozeman, Rachel’s experience with a similar organization, coupled with her history in developing WIA early on made her the perfect choice to take over the role of Executive Director.  Rachel’s dedication to doing the best for WIA and the best for the community of Big Sky have remained strong, and consistent.  We are thrilled to have her back and leading our strong board of directors on a continued path of success for the organization. 

WIA is proud to have new board member Kay Reeves join us. Kay has lived in Big Sky for 12 years, and has served on many non-profit boards and working groups focused on the continued improvement of Big Sky’s infrastructure and services.  Kay brings a great deal of experience to the board, and we know that she will be a great fit for our commitment to enriching the lives of children and families in Big Sky.

WIA is sad to say our board farewells to Grace Young, one of the founding board members of Women in Action.  Grace spent all of her years at WIA striving to make the organization the best it could be, offering sound input, strong leadership, and compassionate thought to each of our programs and all of the development that has made WIA what it is today.  We thank her wholeheartedly for all of her work and unwavering dedication over the years; she will be missed.  

Women In Action   -   P.O. Box 161143, Big Sky, MT 59716   -   406-209-7098